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Office dog's are pawsome!

If you’re lucky enough to come visit us at Habit HQ, there is a chance that you will meet Ruby our office dog. Ruby loves nothing more than to attack her chew toy, receive lots of fuss from everyone in the office, before retiring to the sofa for a well-deserved nap. She is everyone’s favourite hypoallergenic colleague and every creative agency should have one.

Can an office dog improve the working environment?

An increasing number of organisations have started to allow employees to bring their pooches into the workplace. this has reportedly had some very positive effects on office moral. recent studies conducted by Michigan university, found that office dogs help to lower employee’s blood pressure and heart rate. having an office dog is supposedly great for individuals who work alone (or our editors killing it in the post-production suite!). they can help employees feel less lonely and offer some form of companionship. psychologists report that employees who interact with office dogs are perceived as much more friendly and approachable by their colleagues. finally, it has been reported that offices with a dog see an increase in employee cohesion, cooperation and other positive behaviours!

What’re the cons?

Are there really any downsides to having an office dog? well, cat people will report that dogs can be noisy and sometimes a little mischievous. however, everyone at habit will tell you ruby is as good as gold. the positives very much outweigh the negatives!

What if you’re unsure?

If you haven’t yet made your mind up yet on the whole office dog argument, then why not just give it a try? June 24th is national bring your pet to work day. if you’re an employer or an employee, that is the perfect opportunity for you to make a decision on whether an office dog would be right for you. you would be barking not to give it a try!

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